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January 2, 2019

Someone recently asked me, how do I live? Am I a neat freak? Absolutely not!!


Our house gets messy, just like the next person. I don't believe life needs to be perfectly organised. However, I do think that everything needs a place. So even though sometimes things get messy, we know that that each thing has a place that it can go back to.


The other thing about me is that we live in a very small house so there is not a lot of room for things to build up so I have a type of 'one-in-one-out' policy. What is that?


Well, when I traveled around the world for 10 months, I had one bag which was quite small. About 50cm long x 30cm wide and high. I had one set of clothes on and one in the bag. I had a couple of extra items of course like a scarf etc. As I traveled and required different clothes I had a one in one out policy. If I purchased something, I would remove something (donate it or put it in the bin). It was very easy to do because I really didn't want to be carrying anything heavy. Some people ask me about souvenirs. Well, I didn't really want to carry anything like that so I only purchased a few small things and then I also posted a couple of things home (but not much).

So just like that bag policy I had when I traveled, it is similar here at home. If I buy new sheets, the old ones go in the bin or donate if possible.


How can I live this way?


Well, I believe that everything I need will come to me when I need it. I don't feel the need to hold onto things in case I might need them. I am happy to let things go because I know that if I suddenly decide to clean out the shed and want some shelves, I might be able to find them in a verge collection or there might be a sale on that week so will be able to purchase something at a good price.

I really trust in life and am sure that what I need will come to me as I need it.





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January 2, 2019

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