It's All About Timing

December 10, 2018



Some people think a Professional Organiser is going to come into their house and make them throw everything away, but this is not the case.


When I work with someone, it is about getting to know the things they love. Perhaps they are an environmentalist, a sewer, a mechanic of vintage cars, a collector of ornaments, everyone has their interests.


Everyone has their interests and with it an amount of things that is suitable for that interest to them.


For example, someone might think that keeping 1000 bonsai plants is appropriate in their back yard because they like to grow them but another person wouldn't even have one.


When someone asks for my help, they know they are on the boarder of having too many items and need to reduce the amount they have. How do they do that?


Firstly, I will get all of that one item together for the amount to be assessed. Once we can see the amount we can discuss an amount that might be appropriate. Once the amount is selected we can go through the items and make selections on which ones will be kept and which will be removed. If we get to around that number, that's great. If we don't it's ok too. Why?


Because now that the items have been looked at and the number discussed, it will mull around in peoples minds for a while and on the next assessment they will most likely remove more that before.


It's all about timing. Sometimes we just need a bit longer to hold onto that thing and then we will be ok to let it go.


Remember, there is no right or wrong.

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