Most unusual thing I have found in a shed.

December 6, 2018


Recently my rubbish team found a very unique item in one of my clients shed. So many people ask me what is the most unusual thing I have ever found and there are so many weird and wonderful things but I think this one has to be the most interesting of all... so far!

The lads found a large (about 30cm tall) bullet type thing. No one really know what it was exactly but we were concerned it could be 'live'. The police were called who came and monitored access to the house while they waited for the Army to arrive!

When the army representative arrived, he told us it was a WW1 artillery shell and that it had been fired but the cap had not come off. Making it possible to be still 'live' but it couldn't really be confirmed. He took it away and they said they would dispose of it.

You know how sometimes you can just have one of 'those' days where everything goes crazy, well this was one of those days. There was so much going on and things were not going to plan all day and then this happened. It was a really interesting day.




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