Respecting Local Designers and Their Products--- Remove or Keep?

December 3, 2018


As a sewer of clothes myself (although not very often, I will admit) I was helping a woman recently who also loved to sew to declutter her wardrobe. She found it hard to donate some clothes (that she no longer wore) that she had purchased from other local designers and she didn't know why.


Firstly, I would just like to say there is no right or wrong to what you are willing to donate/sell/remove from your wardrobe and everyone has different requirements/needs/loves.


I was able to explain to her that she really respects the items of clothes that other people have made because she knows the value of time and work that has gone into making those things. She really sees the value in that item and wants to respect that persons work.


But what I also asked her was if she has made something that a person bought and no longer wore/used, would she prefer that person kept it or gave it to someone who would?


How about you? What would your choice be? I have a couple of things in my wardrobe that I made when I was a school and my year 12 Ball dress my mum made for me so I know that each item will have a different sentimental value to the owner and like I said, everyone will make a different decision and there is no correct answer.


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