One Goal at a Time

November 20, 2017


I went to a conference held by the Peel Chamber of Commerce last week and heard Julia Bickerstaff from The Business Bakery talk about 100 day goals. This is right on the back of me reading Steven Coveys 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Both Julia and Steven speak about a time management matrix which I found really interesting. Steven Covey speaks about how the majority of us live in the "urgent/important" quadrant and then feel totally overwhelmed and so then flip to the "unimportant/not urgent" quadrant for some relief. We all know what is that is like. We have a big job to do but but find ourselves on Facebook! They both spoke about how if we can move ourselves into the "important/not urgent" and work on tasks there more often, we would achieve more and feel less stressed. 


When I sat down with my matrix at home I thought a lot about how many of the items in my "urgent/important" list had originally started in my "important/not urgent" quadrant and through a variety of reasons they had now become urgent. Many of us are like this, we are so full with lists of things to do and doing little bits of everything. We start one thing in the Important/not urgent quadrant and then start another. Soon it is so busy and nothing ever gets finished. One of the things Julia said was to pick one goal (an item from the Important/not urgent quadrant) and just focus on that.  I laughed when she said to not pick two or three because there hadn't been much attention on them for the last year or two so don't worry about them now until the first one is done! 


There was another speaker at the conference- Todd Sampson from the ABC TV show "Redesign My Brain" who said our brains are a single data processing unit (not his exact words) and that we are not good multi-taskers.  Personally I feel this is true for myself and I really do notice that when my clients and I work on one task for a a period of time, it really feels like we have achieved and it starts to give them a feeling of control. 


So how can you gain more control in your life? What will your 100 day goal be? Check out Julia's website here.




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