How To Properly Dispose of e-Waste

April 1, 2017

I have been thinking about how our modern technological devices such as phones have really reduced the amount of things we need. Take a mobile phone for instance, it is a diary/calendar, a note pad, address book, phone and computer all in one. Some people don't have a computer because their phone/ iPad/ tablet do everything they need.


We were blessed to purchase a new TV this week which allowed us to do away with an old set top box, Netflix hub, old speakers, sound system and computer because the TV can do all of the things those devices can do. It has really freed up some space in our lounge area.


Disposing of these things is important when we no longer need them. Did you know that rubbish tips otherwise known as Recycling Centres will take these items for free? Purchasing these things means there is not only e-waste but all the packaging that comes with it too. We took all our polystyrene, e-waste and cardboard to the Recycling Centre on the weekend but it was interesting to note that some centres are not licensed to take certain items. Cardboard at one centre is free to dispose of and will be recycled, at another centre it is not and will be put into landfill. Of course we didn't leave our cardboard at the one that doesn't recycle!


When I help people to pack up their homes we keep recycling materials aside and make sure these are disposed of appropriately. If you would like to know more about this, just give me call.



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