How To Avoid Clutter? Become Conscious of Your Surroundings

March 21, 2017


Have you ever noticed that if you put something down to deal with later--- maybe it’s on your desk or by the door to take to the car later--- then you don't do it straight away, it very quickly becomes background and you don't even see it?


We live such busy lives and get distracted easily and I think this is one of the reasons we tend to collect so much clutter. When we are concentrating on something, we 'see' it but once we move on, we don't 'see' it any more. It is not until we consciously look at that thing again that we will make any further decision about it.


I also think that we have so much going on in our brains from external stimuli that we find it tiring to focus and make decisions about things. Even more so when there is some emotional charge related to that thing. Take a look around your room right now (presuming it is your own room/office). Start in one corner and work your way across to the other corner. Look at each thing. Just look at it for a few seconds. You don't have to make a decision just yet. How does that thing make you feel? Breathe and then make a decision on where that thing should go. It might just need to stay where it is or it's home might be somewhere else.


The most important things is not to judge yourself for the things you have around you. Give yourself a break, feel and then make a decision. This direct focus on that item at that very moment is a validation of your decision to buy it, place it there, and now your conscious decision to move it somewhere else.


Give it a try now!




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