How To Effectively Sell Estate Items

January 10, 2017

After organizing the belongings at a deceased estate, the next step might be to sell some items. It is important to get the best price for items without costing a lot of money to do it.In the years I’ve helped both executors and family members I have found that there are 3 main ways in effectively selling estate items. Check them out below:


1. List Items in Gumtree

Gumtree is a great place for a few items that you particularly want a good price for. It is free until you want to give the ad more visibility. The trouble with Gumtree is that you have strangers coming to the property, it can take time to get the right buyer who wants to pay what you are asking for, and you have to be available to meet buyers.


2. Cash Buyers

There are only a few cash buyers in Perth and they are excellent if you want to get your items turned into cash and moved fast. It also requires less effort on your part as you don’t need to take the items anywhere. It is important thought to use a licensed second-hand dealer.


Although you get paid right away, the downside to selling to cash buyers is that they have costs they need to cover such as moving the items, storing them and minor repairs so you need to be willing to accept a lower price. If you have your contents valuation you will have a good understanding of the value of items so you can negotiate with the buyer.


3. Sign Up for Auction

Auctions can be a great way to sell the majority of items in the home, especially if you have items of high value such as collectibles and antiques. The first thing you should do is find an auction house that caters to the type of items you are looking to sell. They can do a valuation so you will know the approximate value of everything. This will help you decide if there is enough to cover the costs such as commission etc. Auctioning all the items in the home is a great way to make sure the majority of items are reused and it will put money back into the estate.


Whatever your choice, always consider your safety in such transactions. A well-experienced concierge can assist you with the intricacies of selling your estate items. Check out our website and see how The Estate Concierge could be of help to you.





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