2 Things That Will Save You Money In Packing

January 5, 2017


Packing is one of the most requested services of Lifestyle Assistance. Throughout the years and hundreds of packing boxes later, I saved my clients from avoidable expenses by using these 2 items in packing their stuff:


1. Second-hand Boxes

So many boxes are packed, moved and then unpacked or donated that buying new boxes that you’re not going to use again or just giving away seems like a waste of money. I always use second-hand, single core boxes for packing and encourage my clients to do so when moving. You may get them from removalists but even their prices could be high. I get my boxes from Carton Traders, a company who collects used boxes from biggermanufacturing companies who use them once to bring in parts and then get rid of them. Therefor the quality is usually very good.


2. Butcher’s Paper

Wrapping paper is used a lot in packing but can also be expensive, particularly if you buy it from retail stores who sell them in small quantities. Buying it in bulk is much cheaper and you will have plenty for all those important items that need to be wrapped well.


Do you have any other packing tips you’d like to share? Share them down at the comments. 

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