Helping People Who Have Difficulty Letting Go

September 27, 2016



A lot of people often have difficulty in letting go of things in their home and storage. It’s usually because those items have sentimental value and they are just not ready to let them go yet. One way to help these people is this: to not throw anything away!


Well, not just yet. This might seem like the opposite of what to do but it seems that for some people, letting go of their valuable items becomes easier when they can get a bigger picture on the amount of items they have and giving them some time. Here’s how to do it:


  •  Organize items into piles or groups of the same thing

  • Count how many items are in each section to show them how many items they really have. Often we think we have less than what we really do and once the person can see how many they have; they might find it easier to let some of them go.

  • Accept the person’s decision to keep the things they want, store them in boxes if possible and label so they are easy to find.

  • Give them time. In the future, the person may review the items again and they will see them with different eyes. They might wonder why they kept those things in the first place but they also might want to keep them a bit longer.


It is a person’s right to be able to keep the things they want and often it is hard for others to understand how people live. Obviously when health is an issue, things might be somewhat different but people are usually open to help in a supportive way. If you or someone you know is having trouble with large amount of belongings, I can assist with organising and decluttering to make a home more like a home.

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