Clear Up Some Closet Space By Donating Your Winter Clothes

September 3, 2016


Winter is almost over so it’s the best time to sort out your winter clothes and give away the ones you won’t need or don’t fit anymore.   


You may have winter clothes which you haven’t used for the whole of the winter. These, especially coats, are taking up space in your closet!Cleaning out your closet now, while what you have worn during the season is still fresh in your memory, is a good way to make sure unwanted items are not still there next year. If you are the type of person who changes out your wardrobe for the coming season, giving away unwanted winter clothes will free up space for the incoming summer collection.    


A good cupboard tidy at this time of the year doesn’t have to just be for winter clothes. Re- evaluate all of your closet, maybe there are some items you haven’t worn for a long time but have been keeping for some reason. When I was a student, I had a very basic wardrobe but as I started earning money and purchasing clothes, my closet ballooned out. The thing is, I was really only wearing the same amount of clothes. I do regular culls of my closet and really only keep essentials and a couple of faves.   


With the way our economy is at the moment, more people are in difficult times than usual and donating clothes will be a much welcomed gesture. I have a list of 20 places to donate items around Perth that can come in handy.  

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