The Emotional Overwhelm Of Packing An Estate

August 6, 2016

I have been working with clients in the past where they  had been able to pack the majority  of the  estate but have reached a point where they did not know what to do with what was left.


They were so emotionally drained they were opening the drawers,  taking items out,  looking at them and then putting them back! They just didn't know what to do with what was left. The items were not what you would expect, they were not  sentimental items.  They were mostly things like soap or lipsticks etc.  These are items that can't be donated,  but the family just couldn't make any more decisions.  They were stuck both emotionally and physically (in relation to the items).


When people are in this state it can be really difficult for them to let things go.  They need someone who can support them sensitively to objectively look at the items that are remaining.  Often we just need options so that we can make better decisions.  I have many different places for items to go because it's important for people to know that things can and are being reused.


If you have a deceased estate  at any stage in the packing process and just need a hand to make decisions and be sure things will be reused,  I can help. 




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