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February 3, 2016


When we have a lot going on in our lives it can be hard to get our head around everything that is going on. What I have noticed is that some people are big picture thinkers and find it hard to get into the day to day tasks and some people are more task orientated and find it hard to see the big picture. However, for many reasons, we need both.  


I went to a clients yesterday and she was feeling so overwhelmed with everything going on in her life. She is a big picture thinker but there were so many projects going on, her brain was full.


She sat down for a few minutes and divided a piece of paper up into 4 quarters representing the year. She put into each one what she needed to achieve in each one. This enabled her to see;

  • What needs to be done.

  • When it needs to be done.

  • And if there is room to move/balance the work load out.

Big picture or aerial views enables us to remain aligned with our mission/goals. When we are surrounded by the minutiae we can get dragged off on a tangent.


So take a moment to 'pull up' as my client says and review your mission/goal. Is what you're currently doing moving you in the right direction?


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