You Are Already Perfect!

November 8, 2015



I find a lot of people won't start something (and I am included in this category) if they are not going to be perfect at it. This is leads to a type of paralysis, stuckness or avoidance. Well what I have found by watching people in their homes is that they like their home just the way it is. Sure, they would like to reduce the clutter but they like the hominess etc that it has. Some people feel guilty their house looks the way it does but it is really just their way of making their house, their own way. So if I told you it was perfect already, how would you feel? I'm here to tell you, you, your house, everything is all perfect. Throw off the cloak of expectation and worry and enjoy your home for what it is and all you have put into it. You'll be surprised what happens....




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