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November 6, 2015



When I go to people's houses to assist with organising, I find that they can have issues with the amount of news paper articles, hand written notes and recipes they have collected. 


People collect these things because they plan to read them, don't want to forget something or need to keep the information at the forefront of their mind. However, they start to collect so many that they can't remember where they left that note or which recipe it was they liked now.

This is a tricky mindset to change because there is a sense of panic behind it. People know there was something important they needed to remember or something they really wanted to share with their loved one. Even though they know the current system is not working for them, they are reluctant to change it.


There are a couple of options.


1. Old School-

For those who are old school and really like the feel of paper and want to keep them because they are making a scrapbook or have a particular use for them.


For these people I suggest containers. Open top containers with the topic written on the outside.You can get funky containers and labels if you like but a box that will hold the amount of items you plan to collect is good. Don't be tempted to go with a file (lever arch or similar) if the current system is in piles around you already. You might start off with good intentions but it will fall away and start to look untidy again. Take a look at the topics you have collected already. Could some of them be merged? Recipes, Health, General Interest, Gardening, Camping etc. Make a container just for notes if you have a lot of them. Get a container for each. 


If the container fills to the top, take a look over the items in it and have a think about your plan. Maybe you won't have time for that project after all, in which case, recycle them.

If you are collecting items for others, just let them know the title and they will be able to Google it. They won't necessarily need the cut out. 


If you have many notes around the house. Clip them all together to make a pad. Check them over and throw away the non relevant ones.


2. Modern Peeps-

For the tech savvy there are quite a few fun options to have a try at. 

  • An easy one to use if you see something in the paper/magazine that you want to share, just take a pic and send it to that person.

  • For keeping all your interesting articles and recipes there are great apps such as Trello and Evernote.

  • My favorite app for writing notes is Notability on my Ipad which syncs with my Dropbox automatically.

  • If you are like me and have brain full of ideas, you'll need a place to store them. I choose an excel spreadsheet for this because I like to write a lot of info down but Trello would work just as well. If you get the info out of your mind quick it allows the ideas to keep flowing and you'll formulate a much better ideas.

Of course there are so many electronic options out there and it is very much personal preference. Have a look around and pick the one you like best and had the best functionality for you. 


One thing I see with all my clients is that when you have physical clutter around you, you'll also have mental clutter because of it. Taking the time to organise your ideas and thoughts will really give you the sense of clarity and freedom. As you are creating your system though, ask your self, why do I collect these things? Perhaps it is not necessary anymore or perhaps you could take a new stance on things such as, if you see it, read it, if you don't have time, it wasn't the story for you!





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