Zones In A House

November 26, 2016



Packing and sorting a deceased estate takes organisation from the start. I separate the house in to the sections I have identified above. If it is an old house for demolition or the walls will be repainted, I will even put a sign on the walls to identify the areas if others are helping. Starting a house can be overwhelming so creating zones creates a simplified structure that is easily maintained as you work through the house.

As you select your zones, think about egress. Make your rubbish zone close to external access, near to where you will have a skip placed and a large enough area to hold everything. I also recommend not placing the rubbish pile outside or anywhere where passers by can see it. As it can cause unnecessary attention. You will also need a large area for donations. Choose the room that has the least amount of furniture in it. Move it all to one side of the room and start to stack you boxes here. Think about your movements and push all the furniture to the sides of the rooms (especially in dining and lounge areas) so you don't have to keep walking around them.


In the kitchen set up what I call the SMMBJ's zone. This is a container for anything sharp (knives, blades, razors, scissors, syringes etc), medications, money, batteries and jewellery.


Having these areas allows you to just collect all the items and then think about them later. The reason I recommend collecting sharps is so that people can move bags of rubbish around without the concern of being cut by anything.


Near your rubbish zone store all the hydrocarbons, tyres, paints and household chemicals together. If you can, put them into a large bucket to make sure none of them leak.


Keep all your confidential items together. Anything with a name and address can be destroyed appropriately. Xrays can also be destroyed.


As you move through the house you may find there is a particular theme such as WWII memorabilita etc. Make a place for all these items to go together so they can be valued or donated.


Creating zones allows you to see exactly how much you have of each group. Then you can book services such as donation collections and skip bins and know exactly how much you have to give/remove. You may have other zones that you will add but these are a good group to start with and will get you feeling organised from the beginning.


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