Why Reuse or Donate

June 1, 2015


"One man's trash is another man's treasure" as the old saying goes. Often when I go to an estate people have have come to a stand still and don't know what to do with many of the remaining items in the home. People think that there wouldn't be anyone who would want anything, because they themselves don't want the remaining items. However, so many of the items that have no home can be given a new lease on life by heading off to places where they will be used. 

There are many reasons to reuse/donate:

  1. It means the items that your loved one who has passed away, had used or purchased with a reason, can continue to be used by others who see as much value in them as they did,

  2. It reduces the size or amount of skip bins you will need,

  3. It reduces the amount of land fill that we are contributing to,

  4. It might reduce the amount of running around and moving of items that you will need to do personally. Most receivers of donations will come and collect,

  5. It helps others who are in need both directly and indirectly.

There are many ways to reuse or donate. There are places like the standard charities but there are also cash buyers, Men's Shed's, art groups, schools, Gumtree and museums. It depends mostly on what items there are. 


It can be a big job to pack up an estate. People become overloaded with everything they need to do, so the more external assistance that can be given with emptying the home the easier it will make it.

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