10 Minute Organising Challenge: Book Shelves

May 11, 2015



Despite the online world of ebooks, we still have many books in our homes and if you are like me, you have a few that are very special that you want to keep. However, if you have not purged your book shelves in a while you may have quite a few sitting around that you probably don't want anymore.


A 10 Minute Organising Challenge for books might sound impossible because deciding which of the special books to keep takes time and feeling. However this 10 minutes is not about those special books. It's about the very non-special books. This for the books, you know, you will never read again and definitely don't want.


You will know these books when you see them. You will be able to make a very easy and clear decision on them. Don't take away the ones you know and love, nor the ones you are not sure on. Just the ones you didn't like, won't read again and don't really care for. As you stand at your shelf now, they will be obvious.

Collect them up and put them in a bag. If you know someone who would like some of them, call them and make a time to drop them off. Put them in the car now. Put a time in your calendar to drop them off at the second hand store (charity store or second hand book store). 


Only taking the books you are really certain about, allows you to feel much better about your declutter and enjoy your free space.


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