10 Minute Organising Challenge: The Kitchen Bench

May 4, 2015


Yep, we all have that space on our kitchen counter that seem to accumulate items. Sometimes they are large items that don't move around such as the coffee machine or mixer. However there are usually lots of little things that tend to build up over time. If you have a really large kitchen just select a section to start with.


Firstly, look at the items that have accumulated on the bench. Are they items that;

  • Live elsewhere in the house but you use them mostly in the kitchen. Phone charges are an example

  • Are normally stored in the kitchen (not on the bench) 

For items that are normally stored elsewhere, think of a space where you can give them a new home in the kitchen area. Perhaps it's a container or a draw.


For the items that already have a space in the kitchen, return them to their normal location. When you do, think about why that item has not made it back there. Perhaps you need it on the bench so you can remember it. Perhaps it doesn't fit because you have too many of those items now. Or perhaps they are not in an easy to reach place and need a new home.

You don't need to make changes for these issues today but it will get you thinking about better spots for those items for future 10 Minute Organising Challenges!


Secondly, find a cupboard that has some space in it. The space might be right at the back and the cupboard could use a bit of an organise also, but lets not worry about that today. For now just gain some access to a space in a cupboard. Now take 1 of the larger items that you have not used for at least 2 months from the bench top and put it in that space. You will be amazed at how much freer you will feel just by doing that.


Lastly, do the dishes, wipe down the bench top and pick some flowers for a vase- a beautiful fresh looking kitchen!

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