10 Minute Organising Challenge: The 'Pen' Holder

April 21, 2015


Do you have one of these...?


It's the container that is by your front door or on the edge of your desk that initially started as a pen holder or something important that you needed at arms length holder. You probably started it with good intention but now you have another spot for the overflow of pens or important items that no longer fit in that container. The container might be so full now, you don't even know what is at the bottom or want to touch it without gloves.

Well, your 10 min organising challenge is to sort your container. You'll be amazed at what you find!



So grab your container, right now, quick, you know exactly where it is, you're probably looking at it right now.


Have a rubbish bag on standby


Take each of the items out and group them so you know how much of each thing you have.


Check every pen to see if it is still working


Check each key and see where it fits


Return items to the places they should really be stored (e.g. jewellery to the jewellery box, screws to the shed, hair lackeys and nail clippers to the bathroom, forks to the kitchen, pens to the office, money back into your wallet etc etc).



Now here is the interesting bit...

Do you still even need that container? Maybe you do but you've probably decreased the amount to at least a quarter of what was in there before. 


Clearing out the nooks and crannies around your home or office reduces the cluttered feeling in your mind. There is always an added bonus to cleaning these spots which is the amount of money you find. You might be able to shout yourself a coffee for being so organised in 10 mins!




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