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April 18, 2015


I have been reading the ebook "To- Do List Makeover: A Simple Guide to Getting the Important Things Done" by SJ Scott who recommends using 4 'to do lists' to organise yourself each day/week.


Scott explains that making the 4 lists will make your 'to do lists' more efficient. Most people's 'to do list' are a mish-mash of ideas, tasks and projects making us feel over loaded which, in turn creates resistance to completing tasks.


The 4 lists include an Ideas List, Projects List, Weekly Task List and a Most Important Task List (MIT). The Ideas List is a place to jot down all your thoughts and ideas and review them on a regular basis. The Projects List is where tasks that have more than 2 tasks to complete them go. The Weekly Task List is where all the appointments and immediate tasks are.


The MIT List is usually comprised of 3 of the most important, game changing tasks for the day. Now, this list idea is the one that spoke to me the most. It is the list of things that will really make a difference to your day/project/business. The idea is that you do these items first. Starting your day with these bigger tasks will help you to feel like you have achieved more and are less distracted by the unimportant items such as junk email etc. Also doing these tasks in the morning while you are fresh will assist you in staying focused on them and doing a good job.


The book has many great tips such as:

Rating the amount of energy required to do a task

Giving yourself the time and space to do the important tasks

Tips on how to manage the psychology of taking action

Useful software or apps to use

Take regular breaks

And my personal favourite to schedule the time into your calendar


I am a scheduler. People often look at my calendar and comment about how busy/organise it looks. I have all the main projects in my life represented by a different colour. I always schedule everything. Even my 'to do's' so I don't forget anything. I use it like my brain, once I have scheduled  a task in my calendar, I can get on an think about other things.

If you, like me could do with some reshuffling of your 'to do list' for better organisation, check out SJ Scott @ http://www.HabitBooks.com.

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