10 Minute Organising Challenge: Plastic Bags

April 13, 2015


We often don't start to get organised because we think it will take a full day to really do a good job. This way of thinking will often prevent us from starting because we prefer to be spending our time on/with the important things in our lives. 


Rather than putting these things off for a rainy day, I have a 10 minute challenge to help you feel like you are making a difference in your world. If there is someone else in your house right now, ask them to join you if they can.


321 Organise....



You may have them stashed here and there. Collect them all together. This includes rolls of bin liners, shopping bags and present bags. Mostly though, we have an abundance of plastic shopping bags.



Ok, now that you have them all together....

Group your bags by types (plastic shopping bags, paper lunch bags, present bags etc).

Have you got enough shopping plastic bags to crochet a bag like my Nan in the 80's? Maybe you do, and you wouldn't be alone.


Now, there are a few things to look at...

1. Do you use shopping bags as rubbish bags?- If so, figure out what how many do you actually use during the week. Add on a couple for the things you have not thought of and put the rest in one bag (when I say a couple, that is really all that I mean). Plastic bags are being restocked on a regular basis (especially if you are online shopping) so you won't run out.


2. Do you use a roll of bin bags for rubbish bins?- If so you probably only need a few spare plastic shopping bags for standbys, maybe none as you might be using bin bags for both. Again put the excess in one bag.

Plastic shopping bags can be returned to the shop (or given back to the delivery man) so put them in your car right now for your next shopping trip.


3. How many present bags do you have? What condition are they in? Would you really use them for a friend? If not put them out for recycling. Then, allocate a 'present area' with wrapping paper and other gift items together.


4. Take stock on the amount of rolls of bin liners you have. Perhaps you don't need to shop for them for a while. If you have sizes that you may not use anymore, think about where they might be better placed around the home (smaller one could be in the car and larger ones in the shed for gardening purposes).


So now you know where and how many different types of bags you have in your home. You will be cleansed of your excess and be able to put your hands on exactly what you need when you need it. 

Lastly, remember to recycle where you can.



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