Earning My Auntie Stripes

March 9, 2015




Hats off to all those Mum's and Dad's out there! 


I have 2 beautiful nieces who are 1 and 3.5 years old. They live a few hours away from me but I try to see them as often as I can. I think I am pretty good with them and play as hard as I can when we are together. At the end of my visits my Sister In Law usually says to my tired face that even she doesn't do that much with them in a day. So when she asked me to take care of them for the weekend (just gone) I knew I needed to pace myself. To be exact it was 3 nights and 3 days. I have to be exact about this to honour my arms because they are feeling every minute of it. 


It was go from the start with the wading pool, cups of tea on the lawn, going to the beach, watching Barbie movies, deciphering what they would eat, swings, walks to the park, negotiating the dog and the dogs water bowl from being used as a bath for a headless Barbie, baths, and that was just during the day. At night was where the real negotiation started with bedtimes, bottles, stroking hair, singing (or looking for a Youtube video to sing lullabies- I couldn't remember any without something coming to a horrible ending in them- how did any of them become lullabies in the first place??), and nappy changing. With 2 wakes during the night for feeds and nappy changes, I had entered the world of sleeplessness, shakes and blurred vision- I had entered the world of parenthood!!! 


You hear parents say there are the moments that make it all worth it but at 5 am on the first night (yes, that was still night for me) I was pretty sure this was not true. However, after a couple of hours sleep I was woken by a little baby looking at me over the top of the rail smiling and saying Helloooo! Ok, yep all is forgiven :). 


I have to say right now that I couldn't have done it without my friend Janni. A woman who has been a parent herself was there to help me with it all. She knew it would be a big thing to have the girls for the 3 days so she was around to be another pair of hands. It got me thinking about any changes/new ventures/challenges we have in life. It is not often that we embark on something new before talking about them with someone or engaging a team of people to support and/or guide is through it. I see a Personal Concierge like this. Someone who will be there when there is a job to do. With you from maintaining the 'health' of your project to making sure you don't go the park with odd shoes on!

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