Why Choose An Estate Manager To Pack Up My Estate?

November 28, 2014

Until recently if someone had an estate to pack up, they would get all their family together and spend the weekends working at it. I have even met small companies where the owner has had to do the same. 


Packing up an estate takes a lot of effort. It is both a physically draining and emotionally draining for the family. There is also the issue of what to do with all the items once they have been packed up.


When I pack up an estate I thoroughly check all the items in the house. I look at old birthday cards and check pockets for money to give to the executor. As I move through the house it becomes evident on the amount and what types of items I will find. Once I have packed everything up I then make contact with places that will take particular items.


If there are items of value I have cash buyers who make purchases. If there is a large amount of historical items or items of interest that should be kept, there a many places where these items can be donated to. I have sent a pallet of items to Victoria to a specialty museum from one house in the past. If there is medical equipment to be donated, I donate to a particular Rotary group who send items to third world countries. It is my priority to make sure that times can be moved on to another home for use before they go into the last resort skip bin. 


Of course, if items do go into the skip bin, I use companies who recycle the items from the skip as much as possible to further reduce landfill.  I make sure all rubbish is concealed as best as possible to prevent any unwanted attention to the property.


Once all the items in the house, sheds and garden have been removed to the appropriate place I then source trades and services who complete repairs and jobs such as cleaning or staging to make sure the house looks it's best for sale.


It is important to make clear that none of these actions are done without the approval of the executor. 


An Estate Manager

  • Works with the executor

  • Takes actions for the betterment of the estate and its beneficiaries

  • Reduces the workload of the family and/or executor

  • Not only organises decease estates but also for couple separation,and interstate or international moves.

  • Reduces landfill by finding new homes for many items

  • Assists others by donating to charities who can use the products

  • Enables firms to work uninterrupted and keeps costs down

Using and Estate Manager is a great way to remain focused on your grieving/daily workload and also stay in control of what is going on at your estate.






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