Considering Rubbish

October 6, 2014


Rubbish from an estate is usually the largest (in size) issue I have to organise and a very important one for the environment. It is important to me and my client that any steps towards being environmentally friendly with the items from the home are taken. From the beginning to the end of an estate I have ways to preserve our environment. 


For example:

I always use recycled boxes and I donate or sell as much as possible to charities, buyers and associations (in accordance with the executor).


Last week I had 30 cubic meters of rubbish removed from an estate. This is a lot of waste and it is important to me and my client that it does not all go into land fill. The skip bin company I use, takes the waste to a facility that is licensed by the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) to accept mixed waste that would normally go into landfill. The waste is sorted and the items that can be used are sent for recycling.


People often forget about confidential documents however I use a company who securely takes them away and destroys them by shredding or crushing in accordance with the privacy act and then recycled.

As a business owner I consider it a high priority to give my clients environmentally friendly options.


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