iPhone Traveling Tips

June 17, 2014


These are all the tips I wish I had known before I took off for a year around the world trip with just 1 bag and my Iphone.


The aim is to create as much space on your phone before you go, have all the current operating software and yet have the basic requirements so you don’t have to download anything onto your phone while you are away (finding good wifi can be few and far between).

  • Empty out camera pics and just leave them in your photo stream.

  • Remove any music you only listen to occasionally. Just leave your favs.

  • Make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use other sim cards.

  • Make sure you have done a software update.

  • Turn your roaming off and remove your sim card as you exit the country.

  • Have a fav movie or 2 on your phone for quiet times. You can rent when you are in good wifi.

  • Change your internet banking phone number so you can ‘pay anyone’ without the code being sms’d to your home country number. Check out other options with your bank.

  • Have a paperclip and bag to put your sim cards, PUK number etc in. I have use earrings, staples, you name it but a paperclip works best to get your sim in and out.

  • Know your PUK and unlock codes for your sims.

  • Have a few basic apps:

    • Google maps

    • Hotmail/gmail etc. This is important because the outgoing/incoming servers to the mailbox in you phone can change in different countries. If you cannot receive or send mail in a new country just use the actual mail app while you are there.

    • Currency converter

    • Compass

    • Skype/whatsapp/viber (have all 3 so one will work for you)

    • Hostel world or similar

    • Your travel blog app if you are doing one

    • Get your Airbnb and Couch Surfing details set up before you go even if it is for ‘just in case’ accommodation

    • Dropbox or similar for overflow from your phone

    • Make sure all your contacts are up to date in your phone and in the email server you use so if you need to use a different computer instead of your phone the same info is in both.

    • Set up a Dropbox account so you can store any photos you need to off load out of your phone to.

Happy travelling!


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