January 10, 2014



Over the Christmas break I traveled to South Australia. As a bit of a unusual food eater I (like my hosts catering from me) was worried about what I would be able to find to eat. I asked our host on the way to their home if they had a Woolworth's near them. As I walked into Woolies all my worries were gone. 

How would Woolies save my day you wonder? 

Well as a regular Wooolies shopper I know were the food I eat is. The wonderful thing about Woolies is, they know were my food is too and it is nearly the same food in the same areas in each shop. Even in another state! This really impressed me. I could go to the areas that I normally get my 'strange' items from and find them- same things, same prices, no worries. 

This got me thinking about the feeling it gave me. I felt happy and confident. Then I realised why uniformity and organisation are things people strive for. How many people do you know made a New Years resolution to become more organised? Even a New Years resolution to eat better boils down to better organisation. Being organised gives us a sense of confidence and surety. 

So in keeping with the food theme, below are a couple of organising tips for your kitchen to kick of the new year. 

Make a list before you go to the shops. Take the same list each week and develop a routine, pretty soon you will be able to do the same routine without the list. 


Check what you need before you go so you are not buying what you don't need. There are some great apps to scan all the items in you pantry so you can be anywhere and know what you need. 


Meal planner. "No way!" I hear you scream- too ridged, I don't know what I'll want. It's ok, you don't have to follow it to the very letter. Change the days around or have take out one night if you like. It's just a way to help you to only buy what you need and make sure you have the ingredients you need to make what you want. 


Make zones in your kitchen. For example a breakfast zone. If you're a tea and toast person, keep your toaster, cups and tea near the fridge. This is way to reduce the amount of walking around your kitchen also a well designed kitchen helps with this. 


Create a shopping day in your calendar. This will make sure you have plenty of fresh food available so you are less inclined to eat out if your trying to keep to a budget. 

Get organised and feel good! 

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