August 5, 2013


I sat down today to write my own story for an industry newsletter, one of the questions they asked was, what were some of the difficulties I had when starting my business and how did I overcome them. My answer was loneliness. Starting a business in any field can be lonely even if there are many people in that industry and you have lots of clients. 


When I was nursing I was surrounded by other nurses. When I was mining, I was surrounded by other mining people in my department. We were all experiencing the same things and we were able to talk about things. Meetings would be called for larger issues but we had each other to chat to about everyday issues that arose.


As a small business owner of a business that is relatively new to Perth I was excited to get out and about and develop my client base. Some days were great and others were difficult. I have a wonderful family and friends who were always there for me and believed in me. Many of them had experienced running a business and could put themselves in my shoes with great advice and support. However, soon I began to realise I needed to hear from other people in this same industry. How were their days going?


Just like new mum's go to Mothers Group and there are medical journals for Doctors, I wanted to meet other

Personal Concierges in my town. So I was delighted to meet another Personal Concierge in Perth and we began to develop a support network. Many fantastic things have come out of our group such as increased awareness and visibility of our industry, more work and clients, reliable referral sources for our clients, backup for holidays and time off from work, and the list goes on with all the emotional support as well.


I am so grateful to have found a strong support network of people from my industry. To have someone in your life who gets to know your industry or business, your dreams and plans, can really keep you on track and assist in making it all become a reality. If you are passionate about your life plan be it running a business or spending time with your children to taking more time to travel or rest, a Personal Concierge can become a part of your support team to get you were you are going and make sure you don't get lonely.



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