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July 9, 2013


As someone who likes to put pictures up around the house and to have information at hand I was inspired to find out how to do this without putting them on the fridge. I can see that I am not the only person out there as I stumbled upon a couple of polls on the net. It seems that many people find them tacky and would prefer to not use them however they still have them for a variety of reasons. 1. Sentimental reasons. 2. They have children and want to hang their paintings etc. 3. Ease of finding information either on the magnet or being held by the magnet.


Of course some people just like them but unfortunately they can look cluttered and take away from the style of your home. They can also collect dust and become tattered making your home appear dirty.


One alternative is to spend a little more and buy strong magnets so that they can hold a few items without them flying off every time you open the fridge door.

You can make sure all your magnets are the same giving an organised, clean and neat look.

You could not use them at all and have a file conveniently located in your kitchen area with plastic sleeves to put all the small items and hole punch the larger items in an order (e.g. food menus, children’s paintings, shopping list).


You can use the side of you fridge instead of the front so that it is not as visible.


You could take a photo of your child’s painting and put it onto a digital photo frame that is always visible and rotating.


As my fridge is one of the first things visitors see when they walk into my home, I chose not to put anything on my fridge. Instead, I created a feature wall in my hallway, an area solely dedicated to magnets, information and pictures. I purchased 4 of the magnet boards from Ikea and arranged them horizontally on the wall on top of each other to form one large area. It has become a space that even other people enjoy looking at. I have used it as a vision board for the things I want and for planning. Because of its location it is useful for a number of things.


Often the things that are put on the fridge are an expression of who we are and the reason we put them there is because we are proud of them and the people associated with them. So don’t let your fridge dictate how you have to display all those little things you love. Honor them and give them a space you and even others can enjoy. 


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