The Fairies Have Been...

June 18, 2013


It was a line my mother said all the time when I was a child..."I wonder if the fairies have been in while we were away?" Alas, there was never a day when we found they had.


Do you make a list, stick it on the fridge and try to get to everything but the list just keeps getting longer and you are getting busier? 


Do you look at the jobs you need to do and try to put them out of your mind because you can't think of anything worse to do?


Do you have a partner who you would love to have mow the lawn or clean out the gutters but they are tired and want to have a well deserved rest?


So, what if you could have your very own fairy?


Someone who comes in while you are away at work, starts at the top of your list and works her way through it. Getting all the information you need, finding all the people you need to do the jobs, using many services she knows well and trusts, organising that cupboard that you can't find anything in?

A Personal Concierge is like a fairy, you may not see them but you know they are out there because your life suddenly becomes easy.


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