Mary Poppins

June 16, 2013


Why is life supposed to be hard?


Who thought this phrase up?


It is certainly an easy one to believe because there is plenty of evidence to prove it such as when we ‘have to do’ something to get a desired result.


Organising for many people is something we ‘have to do’ or ‘should do’ so we can get a desired result.  It also seems to be something many of us are putting off, like the filing or mowing the lawn. These jobs seem to be in the too hard basket. Too hard to fit that job in today or it's too hard on my back etc.


However there are some people who mow their lawn weekly and are always organised. So how do they stay motivated? Why is it not in their too hard basket?


Mary Poppins! Yes the jumping into chalk paintings, flying nanny.


Using a Mary Poppins philosophy in your life can really make things much easier. She said to make your tasks a game but I translate that into make the jobs you have to do easy and fun, then they will become a habit. The great thing about this is that everyone’s way will be different.


If you are someone who always loses their keys, put a receptacle or a hook near the door so it's easy to use. Make sure the receptacle or the hook is something you really like so you will want to use it. Pretty soon it will just become a habit to put your keys into the bowl or onto the hook near the door.


As you slowly modify your home or routine to this way of being, you will develop your own style and life will just become easy and more importantly- fun!

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