What is a Personal Concierge?

April 19, 2013

A Personal Concierge is a person who can take care of the jobs that you don’t have time to do. In the last twenty years the concierge has moved from hotels to private homes to assist people with running errands, household management and organising. Each personal concierge brings unique abilities to their clients offering a specialised service depending on their experiences.

How do I know if I need a personal concierge?

People who utilise the services of a personal concierge are usually time poor and value their time. Busy families, singles who work away from home, professional couples, people new to Perth have all used my services.


If you are asking yourself things like, how am I going to fit that in? Where will I find time to do this? I understand that it is not the lack of wanting to send flowers to a loved one, you thought to do it in the first place, it’s more the time to do it.


If you have a project like moving house or a small renovation you might find that other things go by the wayside for the time it takes to complete it. Those things can be important and will be adding up, leaving a pile of things to do when you've finished your project.


If friends, family and relaxation are important to you but you find yourself taking work home with you or are working all weekend then I have a solution.


A personal concierge can work with you and support you in your day to day tasks such as picking up the children or doing some filing allowing you to focus on other things. 


For people who have a home business and may not need full time office support might utilise a personal concierge to tidy up the loose ends at the end of the week. 


A personal concierge can assist with getting your life organised with appointments and arranging trades. 

Some Personal Concierges also offer other services such as personal organising which includes things such as tidying spaces and making them more user friendly or redesigning rooms to make them more functional.



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