Fly in/Fly out (FIFO) With Ease!

January 15, 2013

After 4 years of working a FIFO life I know how difficult it was to manage all the things that needed to be done at home while working away. I had 5 days at home every fortnight and although that sounds lovely, boy those 5 days went by so very quickly. The first day was spent sleeping, the next day getting some food and cooking a real meal, opening mail and paying bills, there was visiting friends and socialising, the last day was a mad rush to do washing and get ready for the next swing. Very often I would be mowing the lawn at 9pm on the evening before I flew out. There was not much sleep to be had on the last night with the worry of not waking up early enough and missing your flight. So outside of some minimal basic household duties, anything requiring effort and a specialist got put on the back burner.


I need someone who could sort out an electrician when the front light stopped working, an new TV antenna when I was over watching places like the Northern Territory in snow, a kitchen renovation, someone to take out my recycling bin, someone to check on the house. The list was endless.


A Personal Concierge is like having a mother who lives next door, is retired and wants to do lots of things for you! Hoorah! Wouldn't that have been wonderful. If I could have left a list of things to do on the table from, get a lawn mower man in to iron my dress for next week, I would have jumped at the chance.

So to help my fellow FIFOers or anyone who travels away for long periods of time I've created my business for these types of requests. Imagine having your whole break just for you. You deserve it!


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