Time for Love

January 4, 2013


Love is a funny thing. It can make you laugh and it can make you cry. It seems it is an emotion many of us don't feel on a regular basis. This must be the case because when it comes it can come with a bang! People have been writing poems, songs and movies about the bang for a long time. Love can also creep up on you and come from what would seem the most unlikely places.


It makes you think only happy thoughts. It makes you smile a lot. You are not bothered by the little things or find the day too long. I have met those couples where this feeling is there on a regular basis and I have met ones were it faded many years ago. Speculations on the reasons why are many and varied but wouldn’t it be magical if it could be there most of the time?


Fun, laughter, acceptance and connection for your whole relationship!


Why is it there at the beginning of new love? My answer is time. We take time to do things together. We are using every moment of our time thinking about that other person. We stay up late just to talk to them.


More time! I hear you cry. How can I fit in more time for another person when I work full time or have children to look after etc. But wouldn’t we all like to feel more love?


Love doesn’t have to be in the form of an outing or a costly dinner. It can just be in a look or a touch. These don't take very long at all, probably less than a minute. However, for some, new love might be scary and they won’t know what to do.


Don’t put off that special event for the two of you because you don’t have time and you don’t have to feel alone if you are new to intimate times together. A Personal Concierge is able to put the night of your dreams together with you, so love can remain in your life long after the 5 children and full time work.


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