Perseverance, Dedication and Fortitude

October 12, 2012



I took the definition of these from the Macquarie Dictionary and in short they mean to maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty or obstacles, wholly committed to something and moral strength or endurance. In life and especially these last few weeks I have been given an opportunity to find these traits within me. I knew they were there but it seems when you need them most they can be hard to rally. It got me thinking, are they there all the time or do they come only in the difficult times? My feeling is, we have learnt them just by living each day, they have become a background trait that we don’t really see until we are in times of question and need support and guidance. We don’t really know we have them until we need them.


But they are there, every day. They get us out of bed and to the shower so we can get to work on time. We are always using our time up doing something, so we must be on purpose and dedicated to an outcome. Even if that outcome is to lie on the couch all day! It takes a strength and desire within us to keep living each day. So these are the times these traits might seem like they are not there. They are, it’s just that they are not really noticeable. We see their daily practice come into action when an event in our lives questions our mortality or immortally and then use them ardently until an easy patch comes through again.


In the tough times we utilise others and draw on their traits to ease us through. It doesn’t matter if you have a friend, counselor or a television, we use other people’s ideas, experiences and assistance to maintain our purpose. The support of others reminds us that the traits we see in them are also in us and will get us through. The main thing for people to remember is that we are not alone. Even if there are people in our lives that we wouldn’t want to call on there are others who are willing to help.


Help comes in many forms, from listening to taking a holiday to having an extra helping hand around the house. We are quite a social bunch really, we love helping each other but we can sometimes feel like we are burdening others when we ask for help. There is a way you can get help with everyday tasks and that is by utilising the services of a Personal Concierge. They can assist you with most things to keep your life running in the direction of your purpose without the strain of having to do it all yourself. They are like a little piece of your perseverance, dedication and fortitude there for you to draw on when you need them most.

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