Organise Your Home Life To Match Your Work Life

September 28, 2012



Do you like going to work to get away from home?

Do you arrive at work and think thank goodness I have finally arrived because it is organised, reasonably quiet, the day has a basic plan and you have people you can rely on to get things done?


Thinking about your home life and comparing it to your work place can make you wonder how all your colleagues come together to get things done and why that kind of support and organisation is not with you at home.


How does it work so well? The answer is selecting the right person for the job and delegation.


Everyone has a team of people they work with. Even the people who run a small business and outsource work are meeting and organising others. It is a wonderful feeling to have a group of people who you can rely on to assist you with your goals. Making use of other team member’s skills allows a task to be completed sometimes better than how you had originally thought it would be. Using these ideas in your personal life can give you that feeling at home too.


Is delegation hard?

Delegation of a task that you cannot do and have no desire to do is probably quite easy for most people. For example, if you are a hairdresser and you needed to have new lights installed into your salon, you would ask an electrician. An electrician is a specialist in their field and you can rely on them for that.


The issue arises when the task could be completed by you. For example, you could check over a database each month to make sure all the entries are correct. You have the skills or even if you didn’t you could probably pick them up very quickly. The benefits are that you would always be updated on the data and know the job was done to your standard but the main question would be, is that a good use of your time?


Similarly in our personal lives, most of us would happily get in an electrician if this was not our area of expertise but may find it hard to hire a personal trainer or a lawn mowing person because it is something we could do for ourselves.


How does it make you feel when you thought you’d have time for that task and then you are unable to get it done to the best of your ability due to time constraints?

Sure, we could check that database each month and we could buy a lawn mower and edger but most of us will find that we really don’t want to. The important thing to remember is that there is someone out there who does have the time and effort to do the task for us. We have to decide on what we want to let go of and what we want to hold onto.


Below are some easy steps on how to figure out what we want to let go of and outsource to others both in our work and home lives.

  1. How does it make you feel? If the thought of doing the task makes you feel like taking the rest of the week off then pass it on to someone else. Everybody is different, we don’t all like the same things. There is someone out there who would love to check all those figures in your database, mow your lawn or motivate you at the gym.

  2.  How much time do you have? In a time pressured society we are all looking for quality of life. Do you think spending all day ploughing around the shops looking for an outfit is a good use of your time when you can call upon a personal shopper/stylist to help you get the job done in two hours?

  3.  What are your priorities in life? Sometimes the most valuable and important things in our lives get forgotten. Take the time to think about how the new task will impinge on the time spent with loved ones at home.



In today’s world we are looking for things that go faster such as faster phones and faster internet but nothing seems reduce the time it takes to do things. Outsourcing (using a specialist in their field) within the workplace is a way of delegating, used for when we are looking to have a job done fast and effectively by an expert. We have departments to handle all the different types of tasks required within a company but they are also outsourcing specialists to assist them in creating a professional finish. Outsourcing in the home for traditional trades such as electricians and plumbers has become the norm now. With people becoming aware of their quality of life with loved ones and ‘me’ time, everyday people are reaching out to services such as personal trainers, personal shoppers or stylist, cleaners and a group of people termed Personal Concierge’s.


Project Manager or Personal Concierge?

Similar to your projects team at work, a personal concierge will create a scope, plan and outcome for your everyday tasks at home. From small tasks like shopping and checking on your pet while you’re away to large task such as organising a Buck’s party or a renovation. If running errands or organising things for around the home is something you don’t have time for or feel like putting off till next week then outsource to someone who loves to look after the finer details of other people’s lives.


Review it

How does your ‘to do list’ at home feel? If you dread going home each day because there is a list a mile long that your partner has asked you to do and you hate the idea of doing them. If you feel your time is not your own and you would love to spend more time with loved ones or alone then use your work delegation skills to know what to outsource at home. Make your time at home enjoyable and supportive by allowing someone else to do the time consuming jobs you don’t want to do. Outsourcing brings a feeling of peace that someone else can take care of a part of your work that you don’t have to worry about anymore but get the credit or benefit of. Have this feeling at home too by using the appropriate person for the job.


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