Why You Need A Personal Concierge

September 20, 2012



If you are like many people in Perth, you are leading a very busy lifestyle.  Perhaps you never feel like you have enough time to do the things you need, let alone the things you want.  If you are flying in and flying out for work (FIFO) you may feel like you never get a break.   A personal concierge from Lifestyle Assistance is just what you need.

Advantages of Utilizing a Personal Concierge


  • Time Savings - you won't need to try to do everything yourself because your personal concierge can do so many things for you.  If they run your errands, organize your home, or do your shopping for you, then you are freeing up time to do things you really want to do.  Flexibility - Instead of being tied up doing the things that must be done and not getting other things done, your personal assistant can take care of many of the mundane or menial tasks that have to be done so you can focus on other things. You can pick and choose the things you want to handle without having to worry that everything isn't getting done.

  • Meet Specific Needs - there are specific needs that you have, such as running errands, picking up the kids, buying presents, shopping for groceries, picking up the dry cleaning or even scheduling appointments that can be turned over to your personal concierge.  This can help you save time and money and allow you to focus on your business or other important duties.

  •  Affordability - hiring one person or company to meet all of your needs can save you money over hiring different people to do different tasks.

What Type of People Use a Personal Concierge?


People from all walks of life are discovering how beneficial it is to hire a personal concierge in Western Australia.  Business people, new mothers, people with large families, people who fly in and fly out, people new to the Perth area, people getting ready for a move, and even businesses that want to help their employees find a better balance between work and home are taking advantage of this service.

Everyone has times in their lives when the workload seems overwhelming.  Whether you want regular assistance on a daily or weekly basis or you simply need a day or two of extra help once in a while, you too can benefit from this service.

In order to relieve yourself of stress you can work with a friendly and professional personal concierge.  They will handle the tasks you simply don't have time to accomplish and you will be able to feel more productive and relaxed.  Contact Lifestyle Assistance today for an appointment and give yourself and your family the time you deserve.

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