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Time~ Support~ Productivity

Living your life to the fullest requires a supportive team--  someone who knows your style and expectations. Having someone you can trust allows you to remain focused on the more important things. While you are busy achieving, Lifestyle Assistance is keeping up with you behind the scenes.

Imagine what you could do with a little extra time...

From returning an item to a store, dropping off clothing repairs, having your car serviced, checking a post box to getting photos digitized, taking your pet to the vet or delivering a Christmas gift to a client -- errands of all shapes and sizes can be done.

Group them together and wipe your 'to-do-list' for the week. 

Give it a place and create more space!
Being organised can really reduce stress and help you to feel confident in your life. Creating a system that is unique to you will make it easier to maintain. An easy to use system will give you more time to do the things you love.

Becoming more organised in one area can start to filter through to other areas in your life too.

We organise areas around the home or home office, including cupboards, garages and rooms.

It's nice to do renovations around the home and garden. We have a database of reliable trades and services. We meet them for quoting and can put a budget together. Then we oversee the work and keep you updated.

To give you peace of mind while you are away, we can clean fish filters, feed fish, start cars, check and forward mail, water the garden, check appliances and water levels.

We organise to receive parcels, clean cobwebs, wash cars, and can ensure there is food in the fridge for when you arrive home.

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