Caring and respectful packing and preparing of a deceased estate

Lifestyle Assistance  supports Executors with packing up and preparing the property for sale or rent. We work with the Executor to ensure all actions are taken for the financial and aesthetic benefit of the Estate. ​

Taking on the role of an Executor can be difficult and time consuming. Having the help of someone who can support you through it is invaluable.

Whether you are a family member or a law firm, using a non-biased, external person can reduce the time and problems associated with packing and preparing a property for sale.

The person who lived in the property loved all the things around them. They had a plan for each of them. Making sure the majority of things in the home have a place to go to, whether it is donated or sold or recycled, gives them new life and reduces the amount of landfill.

From valuing the contents to packing to preparing the property for sale, keeping focused on the end result is important. 

Cost effective preparation of the property in conjunction with obtaining the best possible presentation will create an ideal outcome for the beneficiaries.

December 6, 2018

Recently my rubbish team found a very unique item in one of my clients shed. So many people ask me what is the most unusual thing I have ever found and there are so many weird and wonderful things but I think this one has to be the most interesting of all... so far!


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A 16 point checklist on ways to keep your deceased estate property secure.

All my hints and tips for packing a property with checklists to keep you on track.

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