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Serviced Homes and Apartments

I have clients who travel regularly or live overseas. They need someone to check on their homes and keep things tidy. This is give them peace of mind that their home is being looked after and it is there for them to come back to at a moments notice.

Live overseas?

If you are someone who lives overseas but wants to keep your home available for when you get home. Lifestyle assistance can service your home while you are away. We currently service homes all over the Perth metropolitan area. 

I do things like clean fish filters, feed fish, start cars, check and forward mail, water the garden, check appliances and water levels. We are also a presence around the home. We organise to receive parcels, clean cobwebs, wash cars, and can ensure there is food in the fridge for your arrival home.

FIFO or going on holiday?

If you are a FIFO worker and travel regularly we can organise your home so that it runs like clockwork while you are away.
The ability to come and go from you home as you wish without having to think about house sitters and flat mates makes life easy.