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Household Management and Errands

A Personal Concierge becomes a part of your home and is someone you can rely on to keep your home running as you like it. 
Managing the tasks that accumulate around the home frees you up to do the things you really want to do. From running errands to having things repaired to managing a project. Support and someone to keep the ball rolling is essential to keeping your home as you'd like.

The types of things I do to maintain client's homes are;
  • Manage incoming mail
  • Filing
  • Contacting trades and services
  • Hiring staff for around the home
  • Managing renovations
  • Organsing repairs on furniture and clothing,
  • Organising services on boats,
  • Sending flowers and gifts,
  • Organising and decluttering spaces around the home,
  • The list is endless.
Errands may be a part of household management but they my also just be something you need on their own. From busy families to singles FIFOing, everyone can use Lifestyle Assistance Personal Concierge Services. 
Errands include, but are not limited to;
  • Drop off/pick up dry-cleaning,
  • Markets or specialist store shopping,
  • Purchasing, wrapping and sending gifts,
  • Sending flowers,
  • Collecting and and managing mail,
  • Meeting trades and services for quotes or jobs,
  • Booking appointments,
  • Drop off/pick up your car for service (I have Customer Vehicle Insurance to cover me driving your vehicle)
  • Collecting and delivering pets.