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Unique Personal Concierge services to simplify your life and support your goals.

WA's first industry Accredited Personal Concierge!

Lifestyle Assistance Personal Concierge services facilitate client’s goals by maintaining their homes and projects behind the scenes while they get on with what they are aiming to achieve. If you are looking for;

  • More organisation in your home,
  • Reducing the to do list on your fridge,
  • More time to focus on your business, family or you,
  • Support with a project ,
  • More time to travel,
  • A team member you can rely on,
  • Reduced stress and more productivity,

then Lifestyle Assistance Personal Concierge Services will be a 'value adder' to your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Assistance support clients on a regular basis with many things, including;

  • Keeping on top of household maintenance and errands such as repairs to clothing or furniture and dry-cleaning etc,
  • Planning and facilitating small events and household projects,
  • Organising and decluttering spaces in the home or office,
  • Taking care of their home while they are travelling,
  • Sorting and managing a decease estate.
  • See more services here.

If you are looking for just on one or many of these things, Lifestyle Assistance can help to ease your workload and simplify your life.

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We recently went on a 2 week holiday, leaving our dog behind. We had Kaye come to the house once a day, take the dog for a short walk, then feed her when she got back to the house. It was such a relief to know someone was taking great care of our dog and checking on the house.

Before we arrived home, Kaye also stocked our fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables - brilliant to come home to! Will definitely use again!

Shannon Bennett7

My husband and I travelled overseas for a month and a half recently and it was a great relief to know that the house was being checked on regularly and the car was driven periodically so the battery didn’t go flat. But our real delight was in finding our linen cupboard had been tidied, our sheets had been washed and bed made up for our return. Kaye also relieved us of the sadness of dropping our beloved cat at the cattery. Like most people we stretched our holiday out as long as we could so only had one day at home before returning to work. Kaye gave us more’ jet lag recovery’ time by delivering our cat safe and sound back home again on the evening we arrived. Kaye is a real jack of all trades as she was also able to assist my father with setting up his tablet prior to going on his own overseas trip.

Sonia and Lance

Running your own business is hard, there just never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. Likewise as a single male what little spare time I have is spent socialising with friends and family. This doesn’t leave much time for anything else. This is where Kaye Hodgkiss from Lifestyle Assistance has helped me to manage my life. Kaye has done various jobs for me over the past 4 years including shopping for special presents for loved ones to finding and interviewing gardeners for my house. Both of which require a huge amount of trust, I didn’t have any experience with Personal Concierges before using Kaye, but when Kaye said she could save me time and money, and make my life easier I knew I needed her. When I started to use Kaye I was impressed with her enthusiasm for her business and likewise for her industry. I honestly believe Kaye’s passion is in helping people, and I proactively recommend her to people who need help with their busy lifestyles!