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Unique Personal Concierge services to simplify your life and support your goals.

WA's first industry Accredited Personal Concierge!

Lifestyle Assistance Personal Concierge services facilitate client’s goals by maintaining their homes and projects behind the scenes while they get on with what they are aiming to achieve. If you are looking for;

  • More organisation in your home,
  • Reducing the to do list on your fridge,
  • More time to focus on your business, family or you,
  • Support with a project ,
  • More time to travel,
  • A team member you can rely on,
  • Reduced stress and more productivity,

then Lifestyle Assistance Personal Concierge Services will be a 'value adder' to your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Assistance support clients on a regular basis with many things, including;

  • Keeping on top of household maintenance and errands such as repairs to clothing or furniture and dry-cleaning etc,
  • Planning and facilitating small events and household projects,
  • Organising and decluttering spaces in the home or office,
  • Taking care of their home while they are travelling,
  • Sorting and managing a decease estate.
  • See more services here.

If you are looking for just on one or many of these things, Lifestyle Assistance can help to ease your workload and simplify your life.

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Thanks for your awesome assistance today Kaye!
Booking some of your time to deal with some licence paperwork means I don't miss out on my next job, and I don't have to fly back to sort it out myself.
Well worth every dollar, totally recommended!


Kaye from Lifestyle Assistance is one of the most helpful and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure in dealing with.She helped me (read took care of EVERYTHING) with plans for my wife’s birthday including finding a musician, booking a hotel and driver, setting up an incredible picnic area with a server and booking a restaurant.

The best part of Kaye’s service is that she will provide as much or as little assistance as you require, and she takes all of the stress out of the organisation, just leaving you with the decisions rather than the leg work.

I cannot recommend Kaye highly enough. Her professionalism, courtesy, friendly demeanour and efficiency are above and beyond what I’ve experienced before and the final result of anything she does is only the best.


Being a FIFO worker there are often jobs at home that I never seem to get the time to get around to. Servicing my tired car was one of those. Kaye went above and beyond arranging for herself and her trusty mechanic to pick the car up from my house, service it and have it home when I returned. Kaye has also helped me get quotes for other services when I am at work and haven't got time. As well as being a food fairy godmother, having all my favourite healthy foods ready in the fridge so I don't have to think about anything on fly in night.

I would definitely recommend anyone to try Kaye’s services - the ease of arranging with her and the peace of mind knowing you can still get things done even if you are away is invaluable.

Alina Wills